Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Madras Cafe Review

The yellow pages were taken out from the books of history and yellow leaves were turned green into the movie. The candid efforts of director are clearly visible and the producer “John Abraham and Network 18” utilized their money in a worthy attempt.

The story is based on the assassination of former Prime Minister Raghiv Gandhi, the conspiracy of LTF (fictitious depiction of LTTE), Prabhakaran and the war scenes of Sri Lanka.

John Abraham (Vikram) who is acting as Indian Intelligent Agent works on the mission in Sri Lanka but comes to know about the conspiracy to assassinate to the former Prime Minister Raghiv Gandhi at the end. He is off course, the fictitious character added in the movie. Director Shoojit forgot to take John out of his placate zone and it seems very irrational when he is found confessing and telling all the truths to the priest inside the church. It would have been better if he has confessed the things by sitting in the confession box as disguised face.

On the other hand, Nargis, once again disappointed the audiences by her role of journalists in the movie, where the ardor, zeal and fervor attempts were lacking but her style statement was in high. It appeared as if she is some corporate manager, instead of a war journalist.

The jerks are clearly noticeable in the story which doesn’t let audiences understand the things happening around. On the other hand, locations and characters are highly applauding in the movie.

But, one thing I observed that it’s the fast depiction of storytelling which anchors the audiences, if the director have allowed pause of one nanosecond, audiences would have lost their interests in the movie.

The name “Madras cafĂ©” also had a diverse impression in the minds of people storytelling was experimented with few new things but do read the brief of history if you are going to watch it.

No doubt, the facts and figures are homogenized in the movie but such movies take their own place in bollywood industries and movies on history should be made in India, as the country itself holds a great history.  

-Swati Sevlani

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