Friday, August 23, 2013

Things I liked in the movie "A Bronx Tale"

I liked the characters. The name "Calogero" and Calogero's dad and Sonny. The C's friend, her girlfriend and the way she says "I like Italians."

 1. When Calogero's father asks him not to enter the bar again.

 2. Lil Calogero says to his father, "The working man is a sucker."

3. And his father replies that "The saddest things in life is wasted talent."

4. When C asks Calegaro that is it better to be feared or loved?
And Sonny replies that both.

5. And when C takes the trigger, his dad explains that a trigger don't make anyone hero. The real hero is the one who stands and work hard and earns and live happily.

6. And when the C meet Sonny for the last time, he explain him many things.

6. And Sonny tells about a test which can help judging a girl.

7. And Sonny tells that don't listen to your friend, listen to your heart. Doesn't matter if your friend don't like a black girlfriend.  And he continues these below written lines.

8. And all the friends of C died in an accident while burning the cafe of black people. 

9. And when messed up, after sometime they talk about belief and faith.

10. Calogero's mom says to her dad, that "I fell in love with your uniform"

11. And Calogero says that you will confess the god and being a catholic you can start afresh every week.

12. And the last message which touches me the most

13. And when the voice over says, "Beatles were changing the world"

14. And when dad tells to Calogero that "You did right thing to the wrong person"

15. And when Sonny tells that "You care for Yankees but Yankees don't care for your father."

16. And when Sonny passes away, Calogero's dad pay his homage to Sonny "Sonny, I don't hate you but I just don't like the way you made my child grow too early"

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